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Shanghai Yuyuan Wood Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in wood production and processing, timber trade, and other related business enterprises. Industry involved in preservative wood, wood processing, wood flooring and so on. Products are: Indonesia pineapple grid, African pineapple grid, baro wood, mountain camphor wood, chen eucalyptus wood, Kompass, door grid, silver mouth trees, South American teak, Batai wood, red iron wood, wood preservative, carbonized wood. Pine wood material: Finland wood, camphor pine, red cedar, southern pine, radiation pine, Douglas fir, hemlock and so on. Not only has a variety of commonly used specifications on the market expected, but also according to the special needs of customers for length processing, dedicated to provide you with rich products and attentive service. Our aim: customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, with the interests of customers have our interests, adhere to the integrity and win-win situation, sincere cooperation, prompt delivery, the price is reasonable. Company commitment: integrity-based, the credibility of the first, to survive the quality of products!

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